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October 27th, 2020

It is another honor and privilege to have today’s guest on My Top Five Records podcast.  Chris “the Whipper” Layton was one half of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Rhythm section Double trouble.  The way he picked his top five records was super cool.  Not only did he play with Stevie but he and Double Trouble also joined forces with The Arc Angels and Storyville.


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October 13th, 2020

It is an honor and privilege to have today’s guest on My Top Five Records podcast.  Mike Flanigin is in my humble opinion the best B3 player around.  He playing consistently at CBoys with Jimmie Vaughn, at least when that Covid dude isn’t wreaking havoc on us.  Come on Covid.  Can’t you leave us alone?


So yeah, he plays with Jimmie.  He is also buds with Billy Gibbons and has performed with ZZ Top, Steve Miller, Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, Willie Nelson, Charlie Sexton, Doyle 2 and Bonnie Raitt to name a few.  I actually opened up for him once at our mutual friend, Tom Amiss’, annual party


One of my favorite stories is how he used to tour as a guitarist with a LA band and returned to Austin to join the Antone’s Nightclub house band.  That’s when he decided to change instruments and start playing the B3.  He hooked up with organ legend Big John Patton to learn the craft.  And guess what, Big John has a record in Mike’s top five.


In 2015 he released his debut record called The Drifter.  Rolling Stone said, “The Drifter is a road trip-worthy record that veers from punk rock to desert pop to Bible Belt Blues, it’s disparate parts glued together with the swirl and swoon of B3 organ.  This is day-driving mood music, with Flanigin creating his own version of atmospheric Americana.” 


And just this year, he dropped a brand new record called West Texas Blues and born out of his and Sue Foley’s Texas Blues Party that they streamed live on Facebook.  They went into the studio as a three piece.  Just Sue, Mike and Chris “Whipper” Layton of Double Trouble. 


I quote Flanigin saying about the record, “As much as I labored over ​The Drifter​ album, which took me three years to make, and I had a lot of different types of genres, and people, and guests, this was the exact opposite.” Flanigin said. “This was ‘Let’s go in and let’s do what we do,’ and we play the blues. That’s what we’ve been doing our whole lives.”


I was driving back from Houston yesterday and thought I would put it on.  Well I did and I could not turn it off for the entire ride home.  If you like the blues, you’ve got to check it out.  An All Star cast of blues legends kicking out an homage to some Texas Blues music.


So PLEASE people go out there and support music.  Support the artists that make you groove.  Allow those who create to keep creating.  Get out there or go online and buy Mike Flanigin’s new record.  While you’re at it, I’d recommend you pick up The Drifter as well.


We talked about how he knew Lazy Lester and how Texas music is for dancers.  We talked about how Billy Gibbons plays on 7 strings and how that shows in his touch AND how he knows professional card tricks.  It was like a history lesson. 


We had a slight technical difficulty and about 10 mintues got cut from our conversation.  It was primarily about Billy Gibbons.  We talked about Dusty has motorboat fingers and that is what makes ZZ Top ultimately unique.  He also talks about how he likes to record live in the studio and how he started singing again because Jimmie Vaughn pretty much made him when they were on tour. 


What also got cut was where you can find him online.  You spell Mike’s last name F L A N I G I N.  As he says, with two N’s and two I’s


If you’ve got the gumption, head over to THE BIG GUN SHOW DOT COM and check out what my band is up to these days.  You can also catch us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with a handle of thebiggunshowband.  Go to our website and sign up for our email newsletter so that you can get updates about our coming record called Honky Rock.


September 29th, 2020

Today I’m talking to Wayne Sutton.  I used to go see him rock it something like twice a week with Little Sister back in the day at the Black Cat.  Free hot dogs and 1 dollar Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys.  Then they changed their name to Sister 7 and Darrel Phillips joined the band and they just kept rocking.  I told him the story when I saw Darrell in Wichita at Barleycorns.


We talked about his new record called The Blue Worm and how a Blue Worm is a Pilipino knife fighting move.  He said that all the records he picked are driving records and laughed as he said how blown away how Joni Michell wrote all the songs wacked out on blow.  No pun intended.


If you’ve got the gumption, head over to and check out what my band is up to these days.  You can also catch us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with a handle of thebiggunshowband.  And when Covid leaves us alone, our most consistent gig is our monthly residency at The Little Longhorn Saloon here in Austin.  Home of Chicken Shit Bingo.  We play the happy hour on the first Friday of every month.  Bring Grandma.  She’ll have a blast.


August 18th, 2020

Today I’m talking to Mike G.  He’s the main man in his band, the Jukebox Heroes.  Today’s episode is going to be a little different.  Usually, I speak with the podcastees about the top five records that they could only have for the rest of their lives.  About a year ago, I was at the One 2 One bar on South Lamar and having a talk with Mike G.  We were talking in depth about the Stones and I mentioned that he should be on my podcast.  Then I said, let’s make it a top 3 Stones records podcast.  After many high fives, hugs and laughs, we decided we were going to do it.  Basically, this episode is two Stone’s fanatics talking about a subject they both love.



June 23rd, 2020

Today I am rapping with Ruby Dice.  We had an awesome conversation about her top 5 records. 


I’ve known Ruby Dice for quite some time.  She played in my band for a hot second back in the day.  She used to sing a blues song with us and I was shocked that none of her top five records were old school blues.  She does have a Black Keys record so I guess that will have to do. 


Close your eyes. You’re back on that desert island again.  What five records do you have?


June 9th, 2020


My name is Gunter and I play in a local Austin band called The Big Gun Show.

I created this podcast to sit down with other songwriters, musicians, artists and lovers of music to talk about their top 5 records that have inspired their lives and musical prowess. 

Today I am rapping with Kevin McKinney.  We had an awesome conversation about his top 5 records. 

We talk about how at least one of the records was of childish importance.  We talk about how fellow Soulhat guitarist Billy Cassis turned him on to Jimi Hendrix and how he gets Jam Guilt.  He describes Talk Talk’s effort as an Art Project but soothing, spooky. He’s calls it a massage and how he found it at a book store in college.  Gotta leave that space.


Close your eyes.  You’re stranded on a desert island.  What 5 records do you have?


May 26th, 2020

Today I am rapping with Johnny Goudie.  He’s a staple in the Austin music scene and has his own podcast called How did I get here.  He’s been in multiple bands including Mr. Rocket baby, Goudie and he now performs under his name.  One thing I did not know about him was that he lived in Mexico.  I sure do love Mexico.

We talk about how My Bloody Valentine uses a ton of loops and it’s hard to distinguish if what you are hearing is a guitar or keys.  He describes their sound as a symphony of noise.  We talk about how Tom Petty was on the verge of becoming an amazing songwriter but still had his aggressive youth mannerisms.  I love how he said that the Velvet Underground spent $10 thousand on an album that created 10 thousand bands.

Close your eyes. You’re back on that desert island again.  What five records do you have? Until next time.


Jay Stiles Top Five Records

April 28th, 2020

Today I am speaking with Jay Stiles AKA Crystal Finger.  I met Jay when I was playing in an Austin club called the Rattle Inn.  We we’re playing after him.  Once he was done, he asked if I wanted keys.  He said, “I’ve got a pretty good ear if you’re into it.” I remember smiling as I said sure.  Since then he sits in with The Big Gun Show.  He’s got the look.  He’s got the chops.  And so fun to play with.


He talks about how he studied with Victor Wooten and how he relates to mangled musicians


Close your eyes.  You're on that desert island again.  What five records do you have?








AJ Vallejo’s Top Five Records

March 3rd, 2020

Tonight I am talking to AJ Vallejo.  AJ is the frontman of Austin’s legendary rock band called Vallejo. He has produced my band’s two albums and was Producer of the Year from 2014 thru 2016.  He’s an amazing guitarist and vocalist and I am honored to call him my friend.


You're going to love AJ’s top 5.  Motorhead would never be in mine but I guess I can see why it’s in his.  If I had to guess one of AJ’s I would have scored as I knew RATT would be one of them. 


My favorite part of this episode was what AJ was wearing.  It was Halloween night and he showed up as Prince.  He had the gold chains hanging in his face.  Really made me laugh.


Close your eyes.  You’re now on a desert island.  What 5 records do you have?


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February 4th, 2020

Tonight I am speaking with Patrice Pike.  She’s been in Austin as long as I have.  She actually was one of the people that inspired me to start chasing music.  Tonight she inspired me to let some episodes be longer than the 30 to 40 minute length that I thought was originally appropriate. 


We talk about how all the records that she picked were before she turned 24 and how they are all her mother’s fault.  Mom was playing Songs in the Key of Life to her when she was three!  I love how she says that Prince throws SEXY LOVE DARTS and that Stevie Wonder’s voice is a kind of fingerprint.


Campfire Gathering is coming up next month.  I am the Camp Counselor/Director.  It's between the two SXSW weekends in March.  


Let’s get to the conversation.  But first…


Close your eyes.  You’re stranded on a desert island.  What 5 records do you have?


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