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December 15th, 2020

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Today’s guest is Harmoni Kelley.  She spells her name H A R M O N I and we had a full on blast talking about her top five records.  Much like many of my other podcastees, Harmoni had a terrible time choosing what records we were going to talk about but we had a killer time. 


Harmoni has only played bass and she has played with the likes of Bob Schneider, Fastball and now tours stadiums with Kenny Chesney.  In our talk, she mentions how she ended up picking her top five like the way that she approaches music.  It’s so awesome when a podcastee comes to some sort of revelation.  Truly awesome. 


Also, I have a new update to the My Top Five Records podcast.  Moving forward all podcastees will have to now deal with quizzes. They won’t know what I am going to ask them but I assure you that they will have a good time.


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