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Today I am rapping with Jace Cadle.  We had an awesome conversation about his top 5 records.  I’m not sure what happened but his vocal is super low and mine is super hot so my apologies for the audio discrepancy.


Jace plays in a band called Madam Radar.  They used to be called the Texas KGB but they recently changed their name.  I’ve always thought of KGB meaning Killer Green Bud but apparently they were getting some flack so they changed the name.


He’s a super cool guy and is currently taking one of my jean jackets and smearing some of his artistry all over it.  I can’t wait to wear it out in public.  Jeez.  Who knows when I’ll be out in public or on stage, right?


His records range from Willie Nelson to Eminem.  He also turned me on to Tenacious D’s Pick of Destiny.  If you have not seen the movie, please do.  It is nothing short of hilarious.


Close your eyes. You’re back in Austin on an empty 6th street for the rest of your life.  What five records do you have?

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