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Tonight I’m chatting with Kelly Green of Madam Radar.  Well they just changed their name from The Texas KGB to Madam Radar due to others that are down on the name KGB.  Jace, her husband and I had a conversation about it and it’s not about the Solviet Union.  I always love the name because it reminds me of my college days and the killer green bud.  They play the third Monday of every month at 121.  New record came out in February that is self titled.  PLEASE definitely check it out.


Anyway, we have an awesome conversation and it couldn’t be more obvious how close she is to her brother.  She talks about how her dad had a record deal and turned her on to UFO driving around with him.  Her brother’s in the room and you can here him chime in every now and then.  We talk about how we both love to have others jam with us at our shows and how two guitars are sooooo much better than one. 


Her husband Jace can take your new jean jacket and distress it and sew all these badass patches all over it.  Wicked awesome!  I totally meant to give mine to her tonight but I sooo forgot.


She’s been doing this thing called the PAACK.  Basically it’s an all female band and the first letter of their each of their names spells out PAACK.  Paige, Andrea, Amanda (LOVE HER), Cari and Kelly.  They play happy hour at CBoys on Mondays.  Go check her out there or go to a Madam Radar show.  She rips on the guitar.


Check them out on the ole interweb at  For both Instagram and facebook, their handle is MADAM RADAR MUSIC.


If you’ve got the gumption, head over to and check out what my band is up to these days.  You can also catch us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with a handle of thebiggunshowband.  Our most consistent gig is our monthly residency at The Little Longhorn Saloon here in Austin.  Home of Chicken Shit Bingo.  We play the happy hour on the first Friday of every month.  Bring Grandma.  She’ll have a blast

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