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I’m talking to Nick James.  His real last name is Boettcher but everyone knows how to pronounce James over Boettcher.  He’s the lead guitar of the Reverent Few, a killer Austin band with a ton of soul and groove.  I loved talking with Nick about his top five.  It’s just so lovely how everyone picks their top five for different reasons.  Some day I will understand Bob Dylan.  Believe me. I want to get it.  I just don’t yet.

They’ve got an album coming out later this month on Saturday, March 28th, at the Continental Club.  They hit the stage at 10pm.  It’s gonna be epic.  You should really check this out. 

If you want to check out the Reverent Few on social or the web

Close your eyes. You’re back on that desert island again.  What five records do you have?

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